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simple and useful snippets

Smooth Scroll JS

Simple and easy smooth scroll for mono pages

Back to top script

Simple back to top script based on jQuery

Generic input form jQuery action

Simple and generic Ajax call tool

Bootstrap Base Page

Bootstrap base template sticky footer and sticky header template with Font Awesome and Web Shim based on Getcode CDN -> view demo

cPanel Auto Remote Full Backup via FTP

A simple php snippets useful to automate a full backup of a cPanel account into a remote FTP folder.
You can set a cron to temporize it and you can add an "autoclean" script in the remote server to conserve only last backups and not all...
For example this is a "last 7 days" script:

$files = glob("*.tar.gz"); foreach($files as $file) { if(is_file($file) && time() - filemtime($file) >= 7*24*60*60) { // 7 days unlink($file); } }